Monday, July 21, 2014

Witch City Wicks

The salty scent of the sea softened with forest greens, jasmine, green apple, juniper berries and musk.

Star anise, fennel, spicy cinnamon cassia, nutmeg, fresh green herbs, amber and woods.

Creamy vanilla offset with spicy clove and touch of black pepper gives it a nice kick.

A must have for any Twin Peaks fan! A warm woodsy fragrance with bergamot, a heart of rose and violet, rounded out with amber, sandalwood, vanilla and a mysterious, earthy undertone.  

Frankincense and sandalwood are two of the best scents to aid in opening psychic awareness, in addition to custom designed "spirit board" label.

 Click for their Etsy shop.


girl6 said...

dude, i think we are ALL going to have to attend a Halloweens Anonymous sooooon!!!.

sooooo many candles soooo little time...soooo much eye candy soooo little cash!...ughhhhh

Willow Cove said...

I want the Viking one.

Rot said...

yeah, that one seems like it'd be great.

Stinks that candles are generally expensive things. I totally get it after trying to make some of my own though.


Rot said...

and i should add that this company's prices are very reasonable.

Countess VonRauber (Heidi) said...

Wow! The prices are perfect! The scent descriptions sound wonderful. Wonder how many ounces the candels are? All I see are burning times.

girl6 said...

candles seem like they would be tricky to make, like fussy.

i made a batch of soap once & gave them as gifts,
the process was fun & pretty easy too.

Rot said...

It's tricky stuff. The oil is expensive and gets everywhere when working with it. And you have to time it right with the wax being the right temp or the way the scent gets thrown when burning is too weak. If you add too much oil thinking it'll make the scent stronger when you burn the candle, that doesn't always work out...and then your candle is an oily torch horror...that still doesn't smell strong when burning.

Too much fuss for this guy.

girl6 said...

yeah, i guess candle making is an ancient & mysterious art.

girl6 said...

the candles seem to be 6oz with a 35hr (ish) burning time.

girl6 said...

& yes, i think i will HAVE to snag the ouija one!. : D