Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Medieval Light Company

It's official:  I'd be dangerous with Howard Hughes Wealth.  And our house would be a Grey Gardens house.

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Rot said...

or Gay Gardens.

girl6 said...

sayyyy what?.

wait...what...,did you just say, gay gardens!!!!
Omg... : D

i love Love LOVE Grey Gardens!!!
Carl, gave it to me one year for Xmas cause i LOVED it sooo Much! Oh & he bought me the follow up to it too, lots of outtakes, leftover footage stuff like that.

i LOVE the Maysles Brothers.
i have their Salesman doc as well.
LOVE those guys!!!

Rot said...

: D

We love Grey Gardens too.

I'll have to check out that Salesman doc.

girl6 said...

those Greeeeeeens...gahhhhh!

omg...i see why peeps turn to prostitution sometimes, like for EXTRA Halloween LOOT..siiighhh

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Then again it didn't end so well for HH or worse you could turn in Leonardo Dicaprio. Now that is scary!

Rot said...

though i've always imagined myself at the end of my life with tissue boxes on my feet and jars of urine all around the house.


Right now I'm wearing a head scarf, cooking corn on the cob next to my bed using a can of Sterno, while ordering items from the Medieval Light Company. It's very difficult to keep the line between the past and the present.

Rot said...


Old Fashion Halloween said...

Yeah, but surround by the right amount of spooky you could work that look! :o P

Rot said...

you KNOW it.

Sara said...

It's the way of the future.

bean said...

I like dreaming about that house we'd have.... ;)