Thursday, July 31, 2014

Halloween Candles

So I ordered some Anise wax cubes and Clove wax cubes from a shop on, melted them down with an orange dye cube, and poured them into three small candle tins.
The scent is very earthy and smoky, not quite anise and not quite clove.  We haven't lit them yet, but I have high hopes they'll throw a nice strong scent.

Notice the way the wax caved in around the wicks.  A candle-maker I'm not.  But the house smells really nice.


Memnet said...

You often have to do a second pour because of sinkage; if you make them again save a little wax to melt next day and pour into the sinkholes. There are tons of tutorials online to learn candle making. There's more to it than you'd think, as I found out. I hope your candles burn well and smell wonderful; they sound good.

Rot said...

yeah. tried last year and read up on it...watched youtube videos....made a bunch...with lousy throw. Smelled great up close, but didn't really fill the room like I was hoping.

Memnet said...

That's too bad. Maybe the wax type just wasn't the kind with good throw.

girl6 said...

Not bad tho dude, especially for it not being your trade. you MUST make more---keep perfecting!!.. : D

yes, i want the scent so THICK that my eyes water as i CLAW at my throat ORRRR..vice versa will do too.