Sunday, July 6, 2014

Those We Don't Speak Of

Hilarious costume.
I bet this person got tired of being asked "What are you supposed to be?"
And I wonder how they answered:  "The creature from The Village...well, they were costumes really...but...oh never mind.."

 Image by amex101.

And click here for my favorite track from the soundtrack.  It should be called 'October Music.'


bean said...

love that music.

Anonymous said...

This movie has some great music.

Sara said...

Love that music too, great composer. M.Night, what went wrong??:(

LOL at the costume. Awesome.

My SiL is a diehard The Village fan. She even named her first daughter after Ivy. :)

Amy said...

This song was made to be played while driving through valley forge park, 2nd weekend in Oct :)

girl6 said...

the..B A D colour.
oh how Beautyfull the colours are in this movie..oh my godddddddd.

i remember M saying, how he wanted this film e to look like ONE big Wyeth painting. & he TRULY succeeded..siiggh

Joaquin Phoenix is Wonderful!
& Ivy is such a Lovely name.

Sara said...

girl6, Joaquin Phoenix is.....amazing. <3 I also loved him in Gladiator. So evil, so tortured. Sigh. LOL.

girl6 said...

Oh yes Sara, i TOTALLY agree, Joaquin is a Treasure & Honestly, he stole Gladiator, from Russell Crowe. it was that performance that made Johnny Cash want to meet Joaquin. he was also Very happy knowing Joaquin was to portray him in "walk the line".

Sara said...

^didn't know that. Cool. Oh and yeah, TOTALLY stole it from Russell.