Saturday, July 26, 2014

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girl6 said...

we watched this at the Free Library movie night, SO sad, but man, that kid Ender, what a devoted & faithful soul he was.

& that bug!!..MOST soulful face everrr.
we always say, how she resembles our cat..hahaha.. :)

Rot said...

I was shocked at how sad it made me.
The ending wasn't anything like I was expecting.

totally agree about that alien..I felt such pity for it.

I really dug it.

Ha..i'd love a cat that looked like that alien!

girl6 said...

just a little something in the eyes, when she's having one of her soulful moments..NOT like now, cause she's attacking the computer cable & looking insanely naughtly & Cute..hahahhaaha..cats!!..good grief.

yeah, that movie will leave you feeling Wrecked. :(