Sunday, July 6, 2014

Final Exam


bean said...

You know I loves this stuff :)

Rot said...

that's why i posted it.

bean said...

Thanks, love :)

Jeano Roid said...

I saw Final Exam when it came out and have been trying to track it down for decades - just for the nostalgia factor.
Love that they are giving some of these 80's cheeseballers the sweet bluray treatment.
I did buy Sleepaway Camp and Night of The Demons (no shame - these are big faves) and I am VERY impressed with the visual improvements and the additional commentary etc content is pure gold.
I did not know Night of The Demons was originally titled "Halloween Party" - which clears up a lot of confusion about the opening animations. Moustafa Akkad himself put the kibosh on that title.

girl6 said...

ohhhhh man..
i remember catching this several yrs back.
Carl was on a download mission of finding new horror we hadn't seen. we Really dug this one. the killer sorta has that stony silence, killer mode like Micahel Myers...Scary!!!

But....then we also checked out.
Wes Craven's, "deadly friend"
omgggggg..NO!!!. NO!!!

& also his "deadly blessing"
with a super young sharon stone.

but dag!!.."deadly friend".
i Don't know man...Beep Beep..ughhhh

didn't he do a "swamp thing" also?