Tuesday, July 8, 2014

On Set With John Carpenter

As a hot new maverick director/writer John Carpenter invited photographer Kim Gottlieb-Walker onto the sets of some of his most iconic films: Halloween, Halloween II, The Fog, Christine and Escape From New York. This book collects together the best of that on-set photography, accompanied by exclusive interview material with those involved, including key cast and crew.



Anonymous said...

What an awesome book to have.

Sara said...

I absolutely LOVE the images from the first Halloween. The on-set pics I bet are awesome.<3

Sara said...

Oh, and I meant to mention how much I love that header pic. That photoshoot is epic.

Rot said...

That was a crazy photoshoot.
Very strange to be out in "public" doing something like that.
Fortunately it was early on a sunday morning and it was pretty desolate.
And then there were the smoke bombs : )

bean said...

One of my most favorite photoshoots ever. :)