Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kringle Candles

Spicy woody undertones marry sweetly with the unmistakable and nostalgic aroma of crunchy fallen leaves.

A rich licorice/fennel base blends with slightly sweet, toasty caramel and vanilla notes.

The warm, sweet, earthy intensity of Clove is like no other, truly one of nature’s great gifts.


Steve Ring said...

"Uh-huh-huh-huh.... Look, Beavis, this one says it smells like *anus*!"

"Heh-heh-heh, heh.... Yeah, that ROCKS!"

Rot said...


Unknown said...

This past Halloween I actually stuck full clove stems into the "roof" of my jack-o-lanterns right over the candles. (I cut out the bottoms of my pumpkins, got tired of falling lids) Several people that ventured over to look at them noticed the smell and inquired about it