Monday, July 14, 2014

How It's Done

We tried to watch Insidious 2 last night.  Tried.
So naturally it made me think of paranormal done right - Poltergeist.

Click below for an amazing scene.  It's packed with class, imagination, originality, and incredible special effects.


Anonymous said...

They just don't make them like that anymore. Such a shame.

I never watched the 1st Insidious. Just didn't interest me.

Memnet said...

I always thought that scene in Poltergeist was one of the best parts of the movie. Eerie and yet fascinating all at the same time.

I've never seen Insidious, 1 or 2.

Rot said...

I just don't see the appeal of Insidious, or The Conjuring. I feel like I'm missing something that everyone else is seeing.

girl6 said...

i know it's become TRENDY to hate or dislike these films but i Can't hop on that bandwagon & rip em up.

i DIG Insidious 1..2 & the Conjuring too.

i LOVE the vibe of these movies.
i guess it's the "coming Home" feeling that attracts me the most. i Love when houses become living breathing characters in a film. i like how my blood chills with the twists & turns.

ShellHawk said...

Just watched this AGAIN! Poltergeist is truly one of the greats. Especially with darling Tangina, the little powerhouse!


I loved the first Insidious, but not the second. I'm someone who laughed through "The Exorcist" when it first was released. "Insidious" terrified me. As Zelda said in "Poltergeist" - "It knows what scares you."

Frankenrock said...

Poltergeist never did anything for me. The Changeling on the other hand.. yikes. That movie is f'n scary. The first two Paranormal Activity flicks, and the original Ju-on creeped me out too.

Definitely wanna see Insidious and The Conjuring. Love me some ghost stories.

Rot said...

yeah..big fans of The Changeling in this house : )

If you haven't seen The Haunting of Julia (Full Circle)...highly recommended.

Sara said...

I've mentioned these things before, but thought I'd share for sake of discussion. The Haunting of Julia: WOAH. Scared me deep. LOL, new phrase there. It truly is haunting and I'm still unsettled by it and the soundtrack is perfection. Ugh, chills.

Insidious. I love ghost story movies. I wanted to love this badly and the first half was ok. When they brought in the geek squad people it became so obviously over the top that I couldn't focus on any redeeming value at that point. The Darth Maul devil scared me pretty well too(good jumps in this move), but then when his part of the story was dragged out and the ending was dragged just killed it for me.

Frankenrock said...

Word, I'll hunt that down. Criterion finally released The Uninvited this year on blu. Thats a classic, pre-Haunting, haunted house flick too.

girl6 said...

The Changeling is one Great ghost story.
Omg & the Paranormal Activities really gave me the jeebies!!. i checked out the most recent spin off "the marked ones" & i LOVED the whole L.A. Mexican (santeria) vibe, plus it Scared me!!..<33333333

i LOVE The Haunting of Julia, it's the Rosemary Woodhouse, divorces Guy, falls for another (hot tamale)opportunist &&& is terrorized by a ghost rather than the devil, story.. : D
Poor Mia!!..<333

girl6 said...

Criterion is BOSS!
Barnes & Noble just had a 50% off SALE on Criterion. (it may Still be going on in fact??)

FYE is having a BIG Buy Back sale where they give you an additional 50% (store credit only) on your used cds..dvds..or blu rays.

the geek squad didn't seen over the top to me, they actually seemed very in tune with the type of soul (person) their field would attract. it's funny, i hear the word old school being used soooo much, well, James Wan is a director, making Old School horror movies, nothing fancy, just from his heart.. <3

MorbidMariah said...

Insidious embodies for me what is wrong with modern horror. The beginning was atmospheric and spooky and unnerving. Then the gas mask lady arrived, and the whole thing went kablooey for me. Every horror film now wants to get all bogged down in effects and weirdo lighting and such, and it just totally looses the spooky factor. Like Mama. I LOVED it....until we were staring into the face of a CG spook for 5 minutes. I'm just not scared of bad CG monsters.

Rania said...

Poltergeist is my favorite horror movie of all time.

bean said...

The novel The Haunting of Julia is based on (titled simply Julia by Peter Straub) is fantastic. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good ghostly read.

Rot said...

girl6, funny, my problem with James Wan is that his movies have no heart to me. I think that's why the ghost geeks felt so cold and out of place. And his "ghosts" are always silly rather than scary.
Definitely not trying to be trendy, since I think the vast majority of folks love these films.
And, of course, that's only my opinion.

girl6 said...

honestly Rot, i don't feel any of the criticisms posted here, have any anything to do with proper film theory. (there are classes for that
& i may take one).. so many film criticisms never really tell me anything, they just seem SO personal, one sided, which is fine, But there's more....i know one thing to look for in a movie is; what was it's goal & was that goal met?..etc.

art is a very personal expression & sometimes i just feel sorta mean for picking it apart. i agree with Edgar Wright & Quentin Tarantino, when they say it's wrong to make fun of someone's "work". directors work VERY hard & DON"T say, "hey, i think i'll make a bad film today".

& it has become a coolness factor to call down James Wan, just like it has to do the same to M. Night Shyamalan. i find the M. Night criticisms very Old & Boring at this point in time. i often wonder where ALL the bitterness towards him comes from.. Blows my mind, the dude is Obviously a Genius (since childhood no less) & the venomous things that i hear haters say, are kinda scary to me. i have read some theories as to why these two directors may be the brunt of so much abuse & it's Not very pretty. i'm not going to post those Ugly thoughts or speculations here. Prejudice is never nice.

as for Poltergeist versus the Insidious ghost. i was Always confused as to why, Poltergeist NEVER felt like a Tobe Hopper film. it's so sparkly, like squeaky clean. it feels very Glossy to me, medicinal, no grit. i keep looking for Tobe, but i can't find him in that film. i can totally feel him in Salem's Lot, but Poltergeist....? then i read that there's some doubt as to whether Tobe actually (fully) directed Poltergeist?. that explains a lot to me on why i have that sneaky vibe as to "something is going on" with that film. i guess if you really dig deeper into the movie, you can see the anti tv, anti Pres Reagan, suburbs, etc which are DEFINITELY Tobe. so did Steven Spielberg take it away from him & finish it or make Huge changes to it..but then i am a big conspiracy theory person. (i've read all of Truman Capote's words & NO way did Harper Lee (also Capote's childhood friend) write "to kill a mockingbird" let's just say he hooked her up... : D

it's ALL Good tho.
i Dig grit & grime. & Wan definitely has a signature on that
& i subscribe dearly to it.
& i ALWAYS Value your opinion Homie...<3333333333333333
You're one of My FAVE artisst! :)

Rot said...

you're right. too often folks (me included) trash movies without thinking of the folks who poured their lives into them. Like love it or hate it, James Wan was working hard to make something spooky and entertaining. As was everyone else on the production team.
After reading so many mean and hateful reviews of MR. JONES, and knowing how hard all the folks worked on it, and that they only had 18 days to shoot it, it really stunk seeing the cruelty it got online.
I guess it should be more like "if you don't have anything good to say..."
Thanks for the post.
and i totally have thought similar thoughts about Tobe... that movie feels nothing like him.

Ryan said...

Same with Paranormal Activity. I've seen the first one and dear god was it terrible. It's not scary. At all. The characters are douchey and boring, the "scares" consist of things that happen with the AC turning on(MY door has moved on its own too! oooOOOOooooo!) The writing is just not good. Insidious is a dumb movie, really dumb. None of it makes any goddamn sense. Haven't even remotely bothered with part 2 or the Conjuring because they look like the exact same movie. Somehow these people have made ghosts boring and terrible.

girl6 said...

& i Absolutely just LOVE the word Douchey being tossed around when describing something that has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with feminine hygiene..sooo Classy & Clever.

girl6 said...

Oh & Rot i was going to say this yesterday & i didn't.. : (

but i will now..
i found you on online about 2 yrs ago, i think,
& i just want to Thank You for ALWAYS being a gentleman & a scholar.

You & bean Always Always make me want to know more, see more, read more..You guys have introduced me to some VERY Grand artists, movies, etc...Thank You!!!. <3

Rot said...

Cool beans.

And it's totally my pleasure.
I love sharing this stuff.