Friday, September 27, 2013

Constantine Series

I hear a TV project is in the works based on the DC Comics series and film Constantine.

So I dug up a neat scene from the film.  I love this movie.

Click below:


Colleen said...

Ooooo... Constantine. Yes, that is a good one. Wow, it's been a while since I've seen it. I went and saw it opening night ;) hmmm... I'll have to keep it in mind this weekend!

Unknown said...

If you had read the original comic, the film would have seemed to you an abomination.

girl6 said...

yesssss, the comic is Amazing!!!..<333

i have a cousin named Constantine... :)

Anonymous said...

I never new there was a comic, but loved the movie. Be neat to see if it makes it as a T.V series.

ShellHawk said...

This is absolutely a favorite of mine!

Never read the comic. Maybe I'll add that to my wish list!

tim said...

Yeah never read the comic but I feel the movie should've done better. I liked it a lot I even liked Keanu in it. That's right I said it!