Sunday, September 29, 2013

Temple Of Doom Mug

A mug found at Williams-Sonoma.
After drinking from it, you get to slap Short Round in the face.

More from Williams-Sonoma here.


Unknown said...

Damn cool!

Colleen said...

I never thought to look in there for Halloween stuffs. *sigh* Stop pointing stuff out Rot! It's getting expensive! ;D

Willow Cove said...

Do you take the blood if Kali with cream and sugar?

Anonymous said...

Bean is so cool.

girl6 said...

wait a that the skull jizz that the thuggees make Indy drink?

aw yeah, beanie hookin up her man rot..<333333333333

Rot said...



Adam said...

Indie Cova you Haaahhhhtttt!!!!!

Umnum Shivi , Umnum Shivi, Umnum Shivi!!!!

Sara said...

@willow cove , totally lol'd.

Mug? Freaking AWESOME.

ShellHawk said...

You've got a good one, Rot! That is a mug of awesomeness if ever I saw one!

Autumnleaf said...

TOO cool!! Did you happen to see the matching plate and soup tureen?

..and way to go Bean!

Rot said...

it's HUGE.

I love that they took a chance with such an odd design.