Saturday, September 14, 2013

Old Scratch

Found these awesome Devil string lights in an Ace Hardware store.

Proving definitively that Satan is, in fact, Asian.


Anonymous said...

Ha. Oriental devils.

I knew the Chinese were evil.


Wow, this is one of the best devil decorations I've seen in a while. They look really old school.

Rot said...

Local man dies after his new string of Satan lights mysteriously catches fire.

I don't trust these guys.

Adam said...

An asian Satan puts such a weird spin on things. Especially the Exorcist.

Colleen said...

Rot, what kind of camera do you use? We're in serious need of an upgrade. I would love to take pics in the dark like you.. My camera takes wicked shitty night pics!!!

Rot said...

i use a very old digital camera..a sony cyber shot 5.1 megapixel DSC-W5.
from like 2006 or 2007.
it has a night feature setting, but without a tripod everything is i was steadying the camera against the bookshelf the best i could (i took about ten shots..this was the best one..most were blurry)

Sara said...

Lol! Your caption made me literally LOL.
Yea..... I wouldn't leave those puppies plugged in at night :)

girl6 said... this explains the rhyme::
me chinese
me play joke
me put pee pee
in your coke.

Rot said...

completely explains it.

though i've found that not many people know that rhyme.

i assumed it was something that all kids, every generation, say.

and i've found that totally NOT to be the case.

lame... i was drinking coke once and choked...and blurted out "Someone put PEE PEE ..IN...MY...COKE!"
silent looks...and no one ever heard of that saying. I was quite the fool.

Unknown said...

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