Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cursed Be He That Moves My Bones

How he would figure among them in the churchyard, between services on Sundays; gathering grapes for them from the wild vines that overran the surrounding trees; reciting for their amusement all the epitaphs on the tombstones; or sauntering, with a whole bevy of them, along the banks of the adjacent millpond; while the more bashful country bumpkins hung sheepishly back, envying his superior elegance and address.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


Image by OHS.


Willow Cove said...

Great pic, like the tombstones and the shovel.

girl6 said...

Wow..this is Very pretty to me for reason & i Love the interrupted grave robbing (?) set up....Very Clever.

i Don't think i will ever get Christoper Walken outta my mind as the Official Headless Horseman.
But, he Always steals the cake anyway.
man, the stories he must have...

Oscar said...

Hey PUMPKINROT!! I was surfin' the web and I found your web and blog...and saw you used a pic of my last year haunt!!!...Thanks for sharing it!! ;) I'm happy you decided to use it in your blog and I like your opinions too Willow Cove and Girl6...
BTW, I love your haunting pics!!...really got you in a horror scene!..So realistic