Friday, September 20, 2013

The Monster That Rania Made

Click below for the latest creation from The Haunted Garden.


Willow Cove said...

Damn, she's talented! And the burlap and foam legs, Genius!

girl6 said...

i Don't know where to begin..
the video itself is Absolutely Gorgeous & Fun too.
the music totally compliments the vibe of the video.

i Loved watching the construction of the legs!.
that burlap is Amazing stuff...i think the glitter is a Perfect addition too, it Still feels earthy & raw crystal.

man oh man, Rania's a Dynamo!!.
i Don't know how she does it All. :)

Ohhhh & the praying mantis is a Real scene stealer!!..hahaha

Anonymous said...

AWESOME spider. Love how big it is.

Wait.... did I see the use of glitter!? Ugh.


Rania said...

The official Halloween Seal of Approval! Thanks Rot! You totally rock. Willow Cove thanks so much! And Girl6 LOL! When i first heard that song in my spider video, I KNEW it was a spider song! I got a lot of crap about putting glitter on those legs but i think it turned out really great. It was exactly what i was trying to convey, that it just crawled out of a crystallized ground. I think the Halloween Community will let me stay in the haunt club after all haha. As long as the glitter is subtle, then it is ok! And that praying mantis came to approve of the build when we first started on the body and then when i was done! Granted, i'm sure it wasn't the same one, but he probably sent his messenger. hehe i secretly think they are aliens.

Rania said...

Jay LOL! It was just a little tiny bit! haha i have been driving haunters mad with it!

girl6 said...

OMG Rania..i think i just Blew up your flick acct.

it's GORGEOUS over there!!.
Honestly, made my eyes Happy.
Felt like Halloween.. :):):)

Ragged Grin said...

Sweet! Love the glitter idea!

I'm never going to get that music out of my head...

Shani said...

That is crazy awesome!!! Cudos to you Girl! I've been trying to make some chicken wire ghosts and I have to say.....not the easiest stuff to work with. When I saw your perfectly round spider head and then body....I have to admit.....just a little jealous ;-)

Oh...and I love the glitter ;)

Rania said...

Thanks soo much you guys! Girl 6 I saw that! LoL. But that's why it's there - to share! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Jeff I will never let you live that glitter statement down. You do know this right? And thank you Shani! It gets easier the more I work with it.

Autumnleaf said...

Totally Awesome!! and I think there is a definite place for glitter if it is used well :)

Ragged Grin said...

Dear Peet, Qui Gon of glitter, please forgive me for ever doubting you. Without a doubt the best....twinkliest, big @$$ arachnid evah!