Monday, September 9, 2013

Halloween At High Noon: Way Of The Wicked

The latest from High Noon records was just released today and it's fantastic.  If I had it my way, all those Halloween party cd's...those predictable tired old fossils with Thriller and the theme from Ghostbusters on them, would be replaced with the Halloween releases from High Noon.

I just couldn't recommend these albums more highly. 

Click below for samples from Way of the Wicked:


Adam said...

it is a sllloooooowwwww process when adding songs to my halloween playlist. Maybe 1 or 2 songs a year, if i stop being so picky as to what songs are worthy of being used. Hope these are playlist worthy cuz pickin's are getting slim

Ragged Grin said...

Some very cool stuff on there, may have to pick this up. I'm more of a Cramps guy for parties etc, for the haunt I just splice a bunch of stuff together. Have used different sound effects mixed with Black Sabbath and Ozzy's "Mr Crowley", a bunch of pieces of soundgarden and pearl jam "sounds" edited together. Still marinating over this year...the ambient stuff you've got me listening to is intriguing. Thought about using "chant" from Eyes Wide Shut mixed with something else.

Rot said...

Adam, I look forward to your playlist's release in 2024. ; )

girl6 said...

ohhhh now..these Are total ear yummmmmm..

2. & 3...keep pulling me back in
9. & 11...i Love when people breathe heavy & talk crazy to me over music, i dunno, it's just so European!
15..<33333 i kinda felt like i was in an italiano horror film, watching the killer put on his/her black gloves.: D
18..(Don't Stop) the Rot...dude, that's You!.. :)
&...Sinister 6...sighhhhh
it's like they wrote some tunes for a chick, just chilling with her mannequins!..<33333's ALL Awesome.. :):):)

Rot said...

I love this album.
Lots of Halloween love poured into can tell.

And at the price, you can't beat it.

LOVE track 8.

Adam said...

Hahah, this just may be the official release year. Ambient stuff has been a bit tough for me to get into. I really have to be in the appropriate mood to be able to soak it all in. Rot, is there song or artist that just screams autumn and Halloween? Maybe I should give that a listen.

girl6 said...

Yeah, i agree BIG Time..

yessss 8., is that Sinister 6!.
that tune is how i feel when i'm just sitting around at home, chillin with my taxidermy & mannequins!..<3333

Adam said...

girl6- What kind of taxidermy do you have?

The Gill-Man said...

LOVE their releases!

Much like Jeff, I tend to do music like Cramps, Misfits, Alice Cooper, etc for parties, but THIS is the kind of thing I'd have playing on the Night itself (I tend to have a party a week or two ahead of the Night. Don't want to play host on Halloween...I want to be immersed in the whole experience of Haunting, handing out candy to TOTS and scaring the crap outta teens!

The Halloween at High Noon releases are just perfect for creating a sense of foreboding. I'll confess...I listen to them year 'round...often when commuting home...or when I'm going to sleep. Yeah, I'm weird...I like to listen to creepy stuff as I nod off!

Emily said...

Loved it! Bought it! Thanks!!

girl6 said...

Adam..i have one falcon & the others are mammals.
i ONLY collect vintage taxidermy, as i Don't like animals being killed just for that purpose or for sport either.
i feel it is a Honor to own these creatures & i'll keep them Forever & Hopefully be able to pass them on to someone else who feels the same way as i do.
i feel Very responsible for them.

Adam said...

Sweet. I had a coyote but had to give it up. Sad day