Thursday, September 19, 2013

Final Girl

Revisiting an old favorite.

Click below:
Final Girl


Sara said...

Oh my gosh, hysterical!!!

Rot said...

i know, right?
she's really funny and her knowledge of horror is so impressive.

love her writing style.

Addicted to Halloween said...

I thought you were reporting about this:

or this: (which I'm totally excited about).

Rot said...

funny. I hadn't heard of that.


Addicted to Halloween said...

BTW, the aforementioned Jamie Lee Curtis show, since it is on ABC Family, will probably be a total let-down. Be sure to read the comments below the article though for some humorous statements.

Sara said...

That TV show sounds so weird, LOL. I mean yes I will watch it, but SO WEIRD.

And's it a drama? Huh??

girl6 said...

i LOVE it..hahahahhaha..Perfect!!!

& tomorrow is awesome movie poster Friday.
i Can't wait..<333333