Monday, September 23, 2013


There's an earthy feel to this, like I see in a lot of other vintage photos.  Like grime and earthiness were a part of Halloweens of the past (grime might be too strong a word..and too gross a word).  Maybe it's just the high contrast in the old photographs, or because people had their costumes/masks stored away in old dirt-floor basements or dusty hot attics.  Or because people would wear hand-me-downs...costumes worn by older sisters and brothers, and uncles and parents before that.  Not sure, but I dig it.
And I think people who have that Old School look in their Yard Haunts are totally in on this secret.
And I dig that even more.


girl6 said...

i think the word that you May be searching for, is possibly, perhaps..Gritty(ier), as in meaning, the Real Deal.

that skelly costume is absolutely Beautiful..Truly!

Willow Cove said...

Man, what a great photo!

Rot said...

you are absolutely correct.

Gritty would have been less harsh...and more appropriate.

Though grime would be right at home in the more extreme old school melting candy running down the face of an old rubber mask : )

girl6 said...

i LOVE grime, grit, earthy, all those words.
they conjure up images of "the Organic" for me..

i love Love LOVE the word..Organic.
so Perfect, so Plain.
O r g a n i c..<33333333