Thursday, September 19, 2013

Halloween Is Here

Click below:



Sara said...

This would be fun to add to my collection. :) Cool.

Adam said...

Well Hallelujah! You just greatly sped up my Halloween playlist!!! Your a saint! This stuff is awesome! Between High Noon and this I'm rolling in it. Wish the vinyl wasn't sold out.

girl6 said...

man..just ALL around Awesomeness.
i Especially Love the graphics!

Alex Printz said...

Lonesome Wyatt is my favorite music artist behind Tom Waits, and I was lucky enough to snag a vinyl of this guy before it sold out (within 24 hours). Glad you found him. Be sure to check out all of his other albums, and to also check out Those Poor Bastards (his other band). Nothing is Halloween without playing his Sabella album.

Those Poor Bastards just recorded a live album last week, I've been bummed that I wasn't at the concert, but hey, that's life. Gonna go listen to some unholy sounds now.