Sunday, September 22, 2013

Liquorice And Snake Weed

A string of lights from Target - orange-glassed flicker bulbs, and a candle from HomeGoods.
I'm unfamiliar with the scent of Snake Weed so I can't be sure if the company is lying to me and just went with a spooky-named weed to make it sound cool.

But it sounds cool.
And it smells good.


Sara said...

Can't remember if you love or hate the taste of licorice, but I had my first taste of Ouzo this weekend and was surprised it tasted exactly like alcoholic licorice . So I'm guessing it's fermented fennel? I don't know anything about alcohol.

Rot said...

Oh i loves it.

and ouzo too.

did you put ice/water in it?

turns white.


Sara said...

It did have ice in it and it was neat to see the effect!

Unknown said...

Hey Rot, I don't know if you follow Black Pheonix (and if you do, and you already know about this then sorry), but their Trading Post just posted a bunch of Halloween stuff, including some interesting sounding candles.