Thursday, July 3, 2014

Nightbreed: Cabal Cut Vs. Director's Cut

There's a version of Nightbreed called the Cabal Cut that's more to what Clive Barker wanted (and filmed), and it looks like a new director's cut is getting released this October by Scream Factory.

Here's some information on that:
"The Cabal Cut was created by us in-house from the footage we found in the storage rooms.  This 160-minute beast has every bit of Nightbreed footage we had access to incorporated into the cut.  We put everything we found back in a) just to be able to say we'd seen that version and b) because we needed as much of the proverbial scultpor's rock to chip away from for what would become the finished masterwork: The Director's Cut." 
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And click below for Scream Factory's Nightbreed release page:
And click here for an $80.00 Deluxe version (I remember when VHS movies were that much).

Thanks, girl6, for requesting a post.  Never heard of the Cabal Cut before.


girl6 said...

THANK YOU SOOOOO Much for getting this out there!!!.. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Rot said...

I think i'll hang on and wait until that comes out to view it.

Scream Factory is amazing...was just looking at all their other horror treatments... I needs to be rich.

girl6 said...

You know it!!...siiigh

Sara said...

VHS tapes were once $80?! Crazy. I have no memory of that. I do remember video stores threatening to charge $80-$100 for each video not returned. LOL, the price would be on the box and I was always shocked. So is this what you speak of? I thought video stores were lying but maybe they really cost that much. LOL. Dang.

Rot said...

I should have clarified...cause that really is misleading.
Stuff that wasn't available in stores was $80... Like new releases. And it'd take months or a year for them to be available for purchase, and then they'd be around $30.

We suffered. And it was GREAT.

I looked it up and here are some folks talking about it...pretty funny:

Sara said...

Hah!!! That page is great! I had to laugh at The Hunt for Red October being $120("But the tape's RED!!") or Mannequin being $80. Wow. I do remember paying $30 or so. Not me of course, my parents. And when VHS players came out they were crazy expensive too, in the upper hundreds of dollars.It's fun to remember where we've been. Makes being where we are less painful, :D.

Willow Cove said...

Thanks, Rot and G6, LOVE that movie!

girl6 said...

i remember falling in love with "The Hunger" movie..i was totally had vampires, Bowie, Catherine Deneuve, Bauhaus (Peter Murphy) singing Bela Lugosi's Dead, Janet from Rocky Horror..hahaha

i wanted to own a copy for like years (it was unavailable for the longest time) & when i finally saw it for sale somewhere, it was one of those giant, chunky VHS packages, it was HUGE & i think it was over $100..needless to say, i continued to go without owning a copy for quite awhile.

i shop VERY thrifty for movies now ins..specials..& used, when i come across a GREAT deal.

Chris Davis said...

I LOVE this version, so much. Funny I was having a conversation with a (now new) friend about this a few nights ago...he was the only other person I knew that had heard of this....bored the hell out of the other dinner guests....but I was sooooo happy. For a few minutes I did not feel as weird as I normally do :D