Friday, July 4, 2014

Seance Table

Leslie Flint was tested by many scientists. Experiments would see him tied to a chair, gagged and holding a mouthful of coloured water, which he had to empty into a glass at the end of the test to prove that he was not a ventriloquist. A Dr Louis Young invented most of these tests and, along with members of the Society for Psychical Research, carried out further tests in infra-red light with a microphone attached to Leslie’s throat. Still the voices were recorded.

Photo by Corinne May Botz.
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bean said...

Love this stuff

girl6 said...

wow man!..that is crazy Good stuff.

Harry Houdini, devoted a lot of time debunking the psychics of his day. he actually Wanted to believe, (he was like Mulder that way--hahaha) but sadly, he was never able to find any legitimate evidence of spiritual contact.

Harry promised that when he passed, if he could, he would make contact with his wife Bess.i think Bess held many of her own seances hoping to hear from Harry. they had their own "secret" code word, to know if the contact was really legit & not just some "faker" meddling & trying to cash in.

Harry also promised to make some sorta Grand return on October 31. magicians STILL flock to his grave every Halloween, hoping to catch his return.

Harry's here somewhere, somehow.
it's just hard to read the signs, i think. & they may be MORE obvious than we could ever imagine. the living are limited in their perceptions.

i don't's complicated & so Romantic!!
i'm a Believer tho. Truly. :)