Monday, July 8, 2013

Arboreal Warrior

Wookiees are devoted, loyal friends and are very distrustful of strangers. Life debt is sacred to Wookiees. Despite a fearsome appearance and temperamental disposition, Wookiees are shown to be very intelligent and are very adept at handling advanced technology.


More troubling costumes here.


Sara said...

I'm not a big fan of Tim Burton's stop motion movies, but I think he's a cool quirky guy and I love his Halloween costume that inspired Jack Skellington! Soooo freaking cool.

Jay's Shadow said...

Some of those older, black and white pics are creepy.

Especially the one of the children dressed in bunny costumes.....

Willow Cove said...

Yeah, those vintage pics with the paper mache costumes are creepy. Everything is home made, the masks, the costumes. Whatever they could find in a closet. And how cool a couple of them decorated their bikes!

girl6 said...


Awwww Tim Burton!!!..
he looks like the Baron Samedi in that suit.
yeah, come to think of it, Jack definitely has a Baron Samedi thing goin on too..<333 that a mosquito riding a bike?!?!?!?..hahahahha.Awesome!

OMGGGG...& the little girls dressed up as, Colonel Sanders, Batman & Spidey, that is PRICELESS!!!..TRUE Halloween Porn.

i thought that Devil was handing the baby a cig for a second there.. :D
ohhh & "candy cigarettes" are now called "candy sticks"..Can't use the word cigarette any longer.

that's crazzzy, how the eye holes for Rainbow Brite are in the top of her that's Scary!.

Village Peeps!!!..hahahahaha
Noooooo wayyyy..Unbelievable!!!

& a UNICORN...<3333333333333333
holding a baby..awwww : D

i don't know man, this is Tremendous..
Best thing i will probably see all day, 2nd to Willow Cove's Scarecrow that is.

Thanks Rot...Love these!!!