Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Shape

Beautiful artwork for the 35th Anniversary release of John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN.


Sara said...

There's a 35th anniversary convention going down soon in Pasadena, CA.....dude I remember when the 25th anniversary happened!

Rot said...

Me too.

Time is burning away.

I won't be buying this one. I already have too many copies of this film.

Dennis said...

Ditto Rot

Amy said...

They could re release it every year and I would buy it. I just excitied waiting till October to open it, and then kidding myself into thinking it is a better transfer : )

ShellHawk said...

You can HAVE too many copies of this film?!

I have the 25th Anniversary on Blu-Ray. I wonder what's so spectacular about the 35th? I'll have to check it out.

Amy said...

It actually is a brand new transfer..gotta get it!

And I swear I can spell EXCITED...stupid original ipad is too slow to keep up! When is the iPad 10 due out?!

Rot said...

what is this iPad you speak of?

And you're right. I don't own a blu-ray verson of this.

Amy said...

Haha...Trust me Rot, I didn't own a cell phone until December of 2012, but the IPad is a game changer.

For example, I watched Swamp Foetus on Halloween morning while I brushed my teeth...nuff said!

You got the H2 blu ray last year didn't you? It Iooks amazing.

Rot said...


nope...I'm feeling like a lousy Halloween fan.

Though I've been waiting to snatch up H2 for cheap.

Definitely getting THE FOG on bluray

ScottT said...

Scream Factory's bluray releases are incredible. Especially Halloween 2 and 3. This isn't a Scream Factory release but it's no doubt going to be a good one. It will for sure have a better video transfer and set of extras than the current bluray release.

Rot said...

Scream Factory is a god send. They treat horror right.

I worship my H3 release.

girl6 said...

wOOOOw..that cover Art is Effenaysensational!!.<33333333333
this might be my Most Favorite portrait of Mike Shape yet.. :D

it Even looks like Original art.
that's Always such a NICE touch..<333

we just ordered the Criterion version of Guillermo's " The Devil's Backbone"...i Can't wait!!!.
i better get the kleenex out.. :):):)

The Gill-Man said...

Rot, you may want to pick this one up. Brand new transfer being supervised by Dean Cudney! The previous Blu Ray release looked good, but it sounds like this will truly look the way the film was originally intended to. Also, lots of cool bonus features are slated for this one, like new commentaries by Carpenter and Curtis. My online buddy, Stef Hutchinson, is writing liner notes for this release (if you aren't familiar with Stef, he directed the Halloween: 25 Years of Terror doc, as well as writing the brilliant Halloween: Nightdance comic series).

Oh, and you MUST get the Scream Factory release of Halloween II! They put the same care into that one that they did for the HIII release. I know you'd appreciate it!