Monday, July 29, 2013

Show Me


Colleen said...

Christine, oh how I love that movie. "Ya can't polish a turd..." Heehee... Most frightening car out there. When I hear those old timely songs Rot, I can't help but think of her. ;)

Rot said...

People don't tend to think of this film when thinking of Carpenter movies.

Moochie's death is a classic and perfect scene for me.

girl6 said...

oh man..this is One scary movie!
& the Music...ohhhhhhhh the Music.

yep, John Carpenter, Truly deserves his title, as one of The Masters of Horror.

Rot said...

I relish the kills in this movie.

They truly earned it.
The shitters earned it.

girl6 said...

Dude...i AGREE 110% !!!!!!.
i Hate M.F*****S

Rot said...

Who knew Caesar from HEAVEN HELP US could be so mean ; )


girl6 said...


You a FUNNY Man.. :):):)