Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Quarter Of Scarecrows

Inspired by the eight-year war between Iraq and Iran in which millions of innocent civilians died, this drama is a disturbing allegory about tyranny. Sad yet powerful, it depicts an infestation of crows on a rich landowner's property and how a group of the village's children are captivated to become live scarecrows. Symbolic imagery manifests itself throughout the film, as scarecrows take over the land when children and soldiers are hired to shoot and repel crows, but when one child unexpectedly dies things take another turn.

Click below (some neat imagery here):


Willow Cove said...

That looks interesting.

girl6 said...

my laptop keeps reloading this & Won't let me watch it...Ughhhhhhhhhhh
i should just do a Richard Donner & throw it out the Flippin window!!!.
i <333 Him!

i'll save it for later with Carlito.
Can't wait!