Friday, July 12, 2013

Early Harvest

A bumpy gourd getting a head start on the blossoms.


Monica said...

I have never tried to grow pumpkins or gourds. I just might run down to the nursery and see if I can still grow them. A bit hot in Texas 103 today!!

Rania said...

Very cool. Is this your pumpkin patch? Or just gourds? I am growing a big harvest this year of pumpkins. Over 50 plants right now. Just ripped out a dozen mature fruit bearing plants infested with vine borers. I like your scarecrow :) I just put all my scarecrows around my garden to let them get weathered.

Rot said...

yup...our humble patch.
Gourds on the left.
Pumpkins on the right.

We don't get enough sunlight in the backyard, so the front porch will have to do : ) and it'll look really cool come Autumn.

Rot said...

Cool about the weathering.

Autumnleaf said...

I LOVE the bumpy gourds. I havn't had great success with gourds so I'm anxious to see how yours do. It will totally look cool in your front yard come Autumn!

Jay's Shadow said...

We tried growing pumpkins one year in a small spot, boy was that a mistake. Didn't know they grew out of control. Didn't get very many pumpkins though, guessing cause in a small area.

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Got a late start so my gourds are only little plants. Setting up the cedar tomato cages we didn't use this year to drape the vines over.

girl6 said...

Awwwwww to Infinity.
this Lil Dude is Suh.Weeeeeeet!..
Love him!!!

he (something not sure what exactly) reminds me of your little Swamp Foetus creature for some reason?.
maybe, it's the vibe.