Friday, July 26, 2013

Begging For Candy


girl6 said...


You would be like Norman!.. : D

do you like the Bradbury catacombs/mummies story?..

Rot said...

oh i've been OBSESSED with mexican tomb mummies since I first read that story.
Obsessed I say.

I would go on and on telling people they existed and no one believed me...pre-internet.

I have to admit to thinking Bradbury made it all up, but the I saw an old Time Life magazine with tons of B&W photos of the mummies...I'd swear they were the same ones Bradbury saw on a trip that inspired the story...a baby wired to a mother's wrist...and one in military garb..and others that seemed right out of his story: The Next In Line.

girl6 said...

Thanks!!!..i Couldn't (doh!) think of the title, which is a Perfect fit for the story.

we went to a mummies (from all over the world) exhibit at the Franklin Institute, a few summers ago, it was truly Amazing!!.

maybe someday you & Bean will travel to Mexico & visit with the young Ray.. :):):)

Willow Cove said...

I'd try it
by the way, Love the lantern,pumpkin,tombstone combo!

Jason-v said...

Great work Rot!
I love it!