Monday, July 15, 2013

Evening Of The Dead

There where hundreds of graves. There where hundreds of women. There were hundreds of daughters. There were hundreds of sons. And hundreds upon hundreds upon thousands of candles. The whole graveyard was one swarm of candleshine as if a population of fireflies had heard of a Grand Conglomeration and had flown here to settle in and flame upon the stones and light the brown faces and the dark eyes and the black hair.

Ray Bradbury, The Halloween Tree

Image by okeanida.


wicKED said...

What a great photo to go along with an awesome quote! I think this may be one of my very favorite photos of all time. Where do you find these gems?

Jay's Shadow said...

Graveyards are so peaceful. I always enjoy walking through them when I get the opportunity.

Rot said...

: )

I spend an insane amount of time searching. Found this one on someone's tumblr.

Jay's Shadow said...

I happened to find a small graveyard in my area from the 1800's that was only found cause the people who bought the land cleared away all of the brush.

I had to take pictures of it.

Willow Cove said...

A lost graveyard found again. Now that's cool!

Ragged Grin said...

That would be awesome Jay, man the best ones are the small town, backwoods ones where the markers look home made. Why my favorite haunts are the ones that look forgotten, weathered and dilapidated.

girl6 said...

seeing this Beautiful photo & reading Ray's passage made me think of so many different memories.

i remember reading when Ray was first married, he & his wife lived in Venice Beach & were very poor, they couldn't afford a telephone, so they would use the pay phone, across the street from their house, for outgoing & incoming calls.
in fact, they would always keep a window open, so they could hear the phone ringing & run down to answer it.
(Ray worked this into one of his stories too)

i also, remember seeing Ray being interviewed on a documentary about Lon Chaney Sr.
Ray said something like, when he was a little kid & Lon Chaney Sr died, that's when he FIRST realized he(himself)could Actually die..cause, if Lon Chaney Sr, a man who was Bigger than the Empire State Building, could die, than he could die too.

it's been a little over a year since Ray passed away, i Still can't believe he's gone.
i Hope to visit his grave someday & maybe sit for a bit.
(i was Lucky enough (had to Sneak in) to visit where Lon Sr is buried.

that's what it's All about, just like the "Days of the Dead"...
Remember the Dead as they were in Life..<333333