Thursday, July 4, 2013

Frederick Charles "Freddy" Krueger

By Mike Egan.

Mike Egan's tumblr.


girl6 said...

ahhhh, a Folk ART Freddy!!!...that's Fabulous!.

Rot said...

LOVE Mike Egan's work.
Had the pleasure of meeting him in Lancaster once...and own a few of his the MIKE EGAN tag to see the awesome All Hallow's Eve painting we have. Hangs in our living room (though I think the pic is from our old living room).

Sara said...

Lol. I love this. So distinguished, that Krueger.

Rot said...

That's MISTER Krueger to you

; )

girl6 said...

Awwwwww...i checked it out..THANKS!!!

i LOVE "Unique" Folk Art.
& seeing his (Mike's) pieces, prove that you Really can make YOUR OWN Mark on something which is Already sooooo established..(i Hope, that made sense)

Yeah, he's really an Amazing Talent!

girl6 said...

&.it looks like Mike Egan LOVES "Fight Club" & "Travis Bickle".
This changes Everything, he is now upgraded from Godly status to SUPER DELUXE GOD status..<3333333333333

Ohhh & those Vintage Halloween images on his Tumblr are Outta this world!..

is his one arm REALLY all inked in Black!??!.

Rot said...

I dunno.
Cool if so.