Saturday, July 27, 2013

Music To Be Murdered By (By Which To Be Murdered)

This would be great mixed in with a Halloween Party playlist [theoretically]:


ShellHawk said...

The best part of this post?

The grammatical correction! :D

Sara said...

Whuuut?! You're having a Halloween party?! And we are all invited???! YESSS!

Oh wait..... Theoretically.

Love this btw! I heart Hitcock. Very much. We catch his show on weekday nights on tv.

Mantan Calaveras said...

Oh yeh, I use some of these tracks to bookend the playlist on my blog, ha ha.

I've been meaning to put together a nice playlist a la the "Spook Party" and "Ghoul-a-rama" mix-cd's that Scar Stuff made.

girl6 said...

Ohhhhh that Alfie, he's just sooo PUNK!..<3