Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Hunter

Made a "joke" today that a coworker should be Jonathan Kincaid'd.  An obscure Gilligan's Island reference that required some explaining, which made me seem like a sadistic madman.  Mr. Kincaid came to the island looking for exotic game, and somehow decided to hunt Gilligan (which I'm sure the rest of the crew was secretly supporting).  This episode always terrified me as a kid.  Pure horror. 

I had to add to the end of my rant "I mean all this in a humorous fun manner."

Hilarious to find a blog featuring this episode..and similar sentiments.

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girl6 said...

i mean Vincent, apparently before he purchased Hotel Hell.. :D

i have NOT seen this episode.
makes me think of the Really old b/w film, "The Most Dangerous Game"..
i think the Zodiac Killer was obsessed with that movie.

Rot said...

You're good.
The blog post at the link mentions that too : )

I never heard of it.

This episode wasn't even shot as a comedy. I swear they just felt like screwing with young kids. A loaded gun, pointed at on Earth would that survive the first pitch at the writers table?

Dark and terrifying as the crew realized their only way off the island was to sit back and watch an armed gunman hunting Gilligan. An ugly hostage situation.

And, of course, he left the island and never told the rest of the world about the experience. I can't remember if they threw something in there about him going insane...though I have a foggy memory of Kincaid being talked about on that radio of theirs...and it mentioning that Kincaid had gone insane or something.

Insanity = comedy.

girl6 said...

you know, that is Seriously a CREEPY
subject matter for a sitcom, but, i think wayyyy Back in the day, that kinda stuff happened quite's like, they Honestly just Didn't get it or something.
as if, Gilligan himself, wasn't Creepy enough!!!..ughhhh

ask Bean about, The Most Dangerous Game"
i Bet she has seen it.
i think you would really Dig it.
it was Very Controversial, a real code breaker!!.
King Kong's love (Fray Wray) is one of the stars too.. :D
it's a pretty Scary & Horrific movie.
Carl introduced it to me.

here are 2 crazy quotes from the movie.. :(

"He talks of wine and women as a prelude to the hunt. We barbarians know that it is after the chase, and then only, that man revels. You know the saying of the Ogandi chieftains: "Hunt first the enemy, then the woman." It is the natural instinct. The blood is quickened by the kill. One passion builds upon another. Kill, then love! When you have known that, you have known ecstasy."
— Count Zaroff

"This world's divided into two kinds of people: the hunter and the hunted. Luckily I'm the hunter. Nothing can change that."
— Bob Rainsford

Rot said...


Willow Cove said...

Wow, I remember that episode. Yeah, totally messing with kids heads. And we read "The most dangerous Game" in 8th grade. I was like "hmmmm, this seems familiar".

girl6 said...

you guys read that book in 8th grade!?!!..wOw.

i'm putting it, on my to read list right Now!.

Jay's Shadow said...

I don't remember seeing this episode. Maybe I did, and just forgot about it.

But then again, I have always said it would be more interesting and fun to hunt people than animals.....

Willow Cove said...

Girl 6: maybe 9th grade. I don't remember when. It was so long ago.
We read it off of stone tablets.

Gwen Grimm said...

Never seen an episode of that, but it makes me wonder if the the Hunter from Jumanji might not be a nod to that... I was too old to be scared by him when I saw the movie, but I've had some of my younger friend swear high and low it was the feckin scaristing thing when they saw it. He shoot at little kid if I remember correct, and has his gun point blank on the heroes heart at one point though it been a few years since I saw the movie. .

girl6 said...

Ohhhh WC..ahahahhahaha!
you're such a crazzzy Cool Cat!..<333

& i Don't believe for a minute you were Flinstonin'. : D

Ragged Grin said...

Great episode. Loved Gilligan and crew. I was firmly in the Mary Ann camp.

Rot said...

Ginger camp here : )

Even Eva Grubb. : D

girl6 said...

Ginger & The Professor!!!.. :D

Rot said...

The Ginger camp is very lonely.
I've never known another male to be in that camp.

HA...the professor.
The brainy type.
"In ENGLISH, professor!"

girl6 said...

the Professor was a Hot Tamale, but, i Don't know, he was sorta an Airhead tho too..
NO matter.....<33333333333333

girl6 said...

well..i guess, he was just Clueless.
i know to those 2 chicks going Bonkers over him!...hahahhaha

Honestly, Ginger was a Beauty, very Striking!!!..

Oh & Carl Digs Ginger too.

Rot said...


Sara said...

Skipper camp here. Blue and white with a hat? Hot! Lol. Total man in uniform! Wait, maybe I'm a native kind of girl! So tribal and primative! ;)

Ragged Grin said...

Eva Grubb! Nice! Forgot about her.
I'm not so sure Ginger land is such a lonely place, Eva.....Ginger, was pretty....well, pretty, among other things.