Wednesday, July 24, 2013



Jay's Shadow said...

Now that's scary.

Couldn't imagine flying nonstop through space, by myself, not knowing what to do.

There's nothing you could do.

Willow Cove said...

Floating off into darkness. That's kinda like being buried alive - the suit is your coffin.

Colleen said...

Open Water in outer space ;)

girl6 said...


i saw this preview on saturday Horrified me.
i don't want to Even think about something like this happening...
but, you just Can't help yourself..:(

& when i saw Clooney in Space (again)
i screamed a little & started thinking about Solaris.. :(

i read..POOR Sandy had to hang in a harness for like 9hours a day, Everyday, in a tiny cubicle, while the camera would repeatedly, come flying at her head, to finally stop, each time within an inch of her face!!!.. :(
she apparently listened to music..continuously.
she's a GOOD sport...i <333333 Her!!