Friday, September 6, 2013


I'd be the world's greatest (or worst) DJ.

Click below:


Jay's Shadow said...

Aaaggghhh! Not disco!

Rot said...

Best: 0
Worst: 1

Rot said...

At the 2:55 mark....kinda awesome

Adam said...

i keep waiting for a Grand Master Flash verse to break into it.

Sara said...

Uhm this is kinda freaking awesome! Lol. It reminds me of my beloved Pulp's albums!!!! Their old school stuff. Sigh. I dig.

girl6 said...

must be kidding..disco
ummmm...that Ain't No disco.
it's more like that trance stuff
mixed with some badddd 80's.

& i have Never heard Grand Master Flash sound like this.
white people..geeeezzz

girl6 said...

Ohhhh & Austin Stoker is One of the Coolest dudes
you can Hope to meet at a Horror convention.
such a Genuine & Sweet person, he actually introduced us to his wife & his mother-in-law.
Very Very Cute moment....kinda Surreal.

i'll Never forget either, how he TOTALLY lit up,
when Carl told him, he was soooo Bad Ass.
Austin was like, "Bad Ass, huh" as his face broke WIDE Open in the one of the Best smiles evevvver.
Great memory....for a Rainy day.

girl6 said...

& how Cool is that Laurie Zimmer as Leigh..Gahhhhhh....such an Awesome Lady.
Leigh & Napoleon Wilson..!!!..<333