Friday, September 6, 2013

Hollywood, You Have My Attention

Though I'm sure it's just a case of Robot Syndrome.
As a male, I have a bad case of it.

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Willow Cove said...

Michael Keaton. I bet he plays a bad guy

Adam said...

I really WANT to like this but outlook is kinda grim. The first Robocop was the 1st rated R movie I ever so as a kid and it holds a special place in my childhood. I don't like the fact he seems more average joe and can go and talk to his kid. Or omitting the terrible gun shot part that nearly kills him for a car bomb, those are key. Plus if there isn't a toxic sludge, melting guy scene the movie will 100% be a failure in my eyes

ShellHawk said...

I really hope this turns out well! I love the original...

Oh, and--? Hollywood, if you're reading this comment, HOW ABOUT YOU MAKE SOME NEW MOVIES INSTEAD OF REMAKING THE OLD ONES?!


Jay's Shadow said...

Agreed with Shelly. Where has Hollywood's creativity gone?

Steve Ring said...

Looks like it's missing the gory excesses, evil sense of humor and future shock of the original. Could be cool, anyway. Badass robots have a way of carrying otherwise unremarkable movies. Badass robots are a *reason* to make a movie. Take the robots out of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and you're left with Angelina Jolie and vapor, pretty much.

Sara said...

I agree with Adam. I want a melting guy scene!

This film looks FUN! I'm in.
It actually looks good and not so computer generated.....
It doesn't hurt that it has Michael Keaton in it either. I miss that guy!

Adam said...

Right Shelly!,

No melting guy, no good!

girl6 said...

awwww...Professor Weller, look out, the "New Robocop" may try to steal your TV gig...<33333333

No one elses face, will EVER look as Good as Peter Weller's did, in that mask either..Sexxxiest metal man Everrrrrrrr.

& Michael Keaton...<3333333333
Boooooooo.. :(

P.S..Robot LOVE isn't just for boyos.
i had the Best bot when i was a kid, he had a human face too..Unfortunately, he went the way of Danny O'Day.

girl6 said...

Ohhhhhhhh nooooooooooo

Boooooooo was supposed to go under the Danny O'Day comment.
good grief!!!!...hahahhahahahah