Thursday, July 4, 2013

Now Playing: Wallander

A cue from the awesome BBC series Wallander.
One of the many cool things Bean has introduced to me.

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LabyrinthCreations said...

Outstanding series! Been a fan of this for a long while and had to own the series because I enjoy rewatching it so very much. The landscape/photography is so perfectly eerie and dreary and Kenneth Branagh portrays this gentle, albeit flawed detective amazingly well. The original Swedish series, while different, is very good as well.

Rot said...

The landscape is amazing.
It's like a character in the series.

girl6 said...

is it Pornographic in it's sadness?.

& Don't get me wrong, i well up several times a day.

Rot said...

Not really.
It's what you'd expect from a crime/mystery series.

I haven't seen the Swedish version, but Bean loves that as well.

girl6 said...

Carl has only seen one episode.
he said, it was very sad, beautifully shot & hard to watch the main character (dr. Frankenstein) suffer so much.

i think the Saddest story & also one of the BEST trilogy's, i have ever watched was, "The Red Riding Trilogy"..also British..i think it was made for TV..

OMG..even just thinking about it STILL paralyzes me.
there is probably 3 mins (if even) of Happiness at the VERY end of the 3rd installment.

ripped at my soul & broke my heart.

Rot said...

Never heard of that.

girl6 said...

Ohhh & Carl did like Wallander, said it was Excellent.

bean said...

girl6, I LOVED "The Red Riding Trilogy." I saw it a couple years ago...

bean said...

Also, check out "The Fall" with Gillian Anderson.

girl6 said...

OMG Yes bean, "The Red Riding Trilogy" is Pure LOVE.

& Thanks for the tip on "The Fall" with Gillian Anderson.. :)
i Dig her sooooo Much!

& speaking of GA..
"The House of Mirth"...
when she gives her "on the junk pile speech"
i Totally choked on my heart.
her delivery of that speech, Really did something to me..
Oh Lord, she's so....Broken..OPEN

girl6 said...

bean!!!..Your Avatar!!!!.
Good Lord woman!!!..
you look like a Mermaid Goddess (a Brilliant one too) : D